NFTs for business — Our vision

  • The lines between physical and digital documents continue fading at unabated pace. Most institutions and individuals have made the transition to the digital realm, where documents are not only easily altered and transmitted, but also digitally signed, if legally or formally required. The digital signature market alone is poised to grow at a compound rate of 31% per annum by 2026 to a $14.1B market
  • The art world is undergoing a similar, but way more expansive and convoluted process. Music, paintings, sculptures, tapestries, JPEGs, algorithmically created digital art and many other forms of digital expression are constantly being converted into NFTs; allowing creators, enthusiasts, publishers, and varied other third parties to stake a claim over their ownership and potential monetisation process
  • In future mainstream applications, NFTs will unlock commodities, open residences, start transportation methods, gate live events (such as concerts), represent and prove contract ownership of real-world assets, whatever their perceived market value is
  • Our platform will allow all these seemingly disconnected, unhinged and legally unrecognised elements to come together under a single tokenisation framework, crystallising their creations and real-world assets into NFTs they can fully control, truly own and thus fully monetise
  • The ability of legally recognising your digital assets or creations should not be underestimated considering today’s NFT “markets”. Signing your documents with an electronic or digital signature, registering them with a Notary and wrapping them into an NFT is not only innovative, but it will also considerably improve trust and credibility, thereby changing current industry skepticism and open doors to mass adoption
  • Our vision is focused on the belief that the very essence of NFTs should be their security, superior custody, and capability of absolutely proving their ownership/authenticity. The market will mature as public trust in NFTs increases, and we are poised to support that growth with our unique tokenisation platform

Our company mission perfectly embodies the vision laid out in this article:

  • We want to revolutionise the tokenisation process by adding Kadena’s security to a market known to be shady, insecure and exploit prone
  • We are transforming the tokenisation industry by legitimizing NFTs for business and personal use, capable of producing legally recognised documents
  • Our ambition is to be the most powerful and secure tokenisation platform built on Kadena, and ultimately, the entire cryptoverse

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