Tokenise It — The Beginning

  • Tokenise It was born in May 2021, the brainchild of two seasoned IT and blockchain learning professionals, with the single objective of creating an incredibly powerful and secure tokenisation platform
  • Our team rapidly identified the Kadena blockchain as being the most adequate for our project. Presently, Kadena is the only blockchain able to handle poly-fungible tokens, critical for our platform. This is powered by the Kadena Marmalade platform — their very own decentralised infrastructure for Poly-Fungibles and NFTs
  • We started by sketching business workflows and process maps which would become the basis for our future MVP (Minimum Viable Product). This was followed by a business plan later submitted to Kadena (as part of their 2021 grants programme)
  • Worth noting Kadena’s 2021 grants are totally separate from their 2022 grants programme
  • Both Kadena and our team quickly realised we had little technical in-house expertise to fully start developing our product, and as such, our grant request was forfeit as we were deemed to be at preseed stage at that point in time
  • We decided to take a step back, reorganise and focus on getting the preseed requirements whilst simultaneously focusing on recruiting developers and train in-house colleagues with the required skills, i.e., full stack with a view to start Pact development shortly after
  • Our solution is a complex integration of different technologies and now that Marmalade is ready, we are primed to start developing on it
  • We want our community to know that this is a very complex project and it will take time to develop our MVP
  • If you are new to Kadena, Pact is their Smart Contract language
Pact Smart Contract Language
  • We have also just launched our brand-new website, have a look and let us know what you think! Any feedback is welcome
  • Visit our social media channels for more!





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